INVITE ONLY, TICKETEDSeptember 05, 2019

KidSuper Studios Presents Assembly Line – NYFW 2019

New York Fashion Week is known to be a hotbed for notoriously exclusive runway events, showcases, and parties. KidSuper’s ASSEMBLY LINE, a communal exhibition, and RECYCLING: A RUNWAY SHOW, both focus on demonstrating the importance of sustainable fashion and circular design practices, while promoting a Fashion Week event for and by the community. Presented in conjunction with Jagermeister and Wallplay, we’re excited to be supporting all three of these über-original brands behind the bar for their Fashion Week show and afterparty.

Designed to highlight the creatives behind fashion making, the installation attempts to pull back the industry mask, both by breaking down the barriers to “in-crowd” culture and eco-friendly practice.

Functioning similarly to a garment factory, the exhibition raises awareness around sustainability, especially in relationship to climate change activism. And although KidSuper recently hosted a critically acclaimed 2019 Paris fashion show event, as well as his first sustainable fashion exhibition, THE FACTORY, during Art Basel Miami in 2018, the artist/designer believes it’s imperative to bring this community-driven participatory exhibition to his hometown in Brooklyn, who have always supported him.

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  1. Corinne Daldorph

    September 9, 2019

    Hello! Where is this invite? I want to come.

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